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BloomLegalTV: DWT (Driving While Texting)

Posted on Dec 29, 2011 in Bloom Legal TV

Recently there has been a topic in the news that is the first of it’s kind, and it has some really serious consequences: Operating a vehicle while on a cell phone. Although some people can perfect this, other cannot. Right now, legislation restricting driving while texting/driving while talking on the phone is being enacted all over the country. In fact, many jurisdictions are restricting it completely. Most areas of the United States have legislation that only allows cell phone use (while driving) with a hands-free device. Now in the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana, texting is not allowed while driving.

I see you out there, I know who you are.  We see people driving while texting all time. In some places, law enforcement officials are actually trying to pass legislation that would result in the issuance of a “DWT”.  No, that's not like a DWI or DUI; it’s "Driving While Texting." The National Transportation Safety Board has come out and said that one of the safety concerns for drivers today is driving while texting. I can tell you, in the last two days, I've almost been hit by drivers that were texting. This is happening all over the country. We all need to be careful out there, we don't want anyone to get hurt. We all need to adopt hands-free devices, and only dial a number when stopped. You don't want to be staring down at your cell phone when the light goes from yellow to red.

Officials are even looking at prosecuting these cases differently. If you get into an accident, you're not only going to get a ticket, but if they can show that you were on your cell phone (by pulling phone records, or according to a witness) you may actually be subject to future prosecution. That’s one more reason that it's really important to not text and drive. Check back with the Bloom Legal blog to keep updated on any other developments with this fast-moving, ever-changing legislation.

Again, my name is Seth Bloom. Bloom Legal is located at 700 Camp Street in New Orleans, in the Warehouse District. Again, this isn't supposed to be any sort of legal advice, but we're just giving you a friendly, legal update. If you have a specific issue with traffic tickets, or if you've been arrested or been cited with driving while texting, you need to seek your own attorney in the particular jurisdiction that you live in. These blogs shouldn't be taken as any sort of official legal advice. Thanks.

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