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BloomLegalTV: DWI

Posted on Jan 30, 2012 in Bloom Legal TV

Today, we’re going to discuss a topic that we've talked about many times; it’'s the focus of my practice, and it’s DWIs, driving while intoxicated. Everyone knows that you can get a DWI while driving an automobile, but I thought it was important to talk about other ways people could get DWIs, ways people get DWIs all over New Orleans and the state of Louisiana on a regular basis. At Bloom Legal, we've represented people who've gotten DWIs on motorbikes, mopeds, and in various watercrafts. Let’s take a look at the Louisiana Criminal Code, Statute 1498, Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated:

“The crime of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated is the operation of any motor vehicle, aircraft, watercraft, vessel, or any other means of conveyance while the operator is under the influence of an alcoholic beverage.”

Again, let’s go back to all the things we've said before about DWIs: If you've had anything to drink, you shouldn't be on the road or on the water. The Coast Guard is actively arresting people all over the state, especially as it starts to warm up in the spring of the summer and people start boating and doing other water activities. Yes, even a Jet Ski; you can get a DWI.

Please be careful. If you're going to be drinking, you shouldn't be operating any motorized vehicle. If you ever check BloomLegalTV, we like to post, every once in awhile, about very interesting DWIs around the country. You will see, especially in the rural parts of the country, people get DWIs on tractors and on other construction equipment. Please be careful. Don't drink and drive. Don't operate any motor vehicle while you're under the influence of alcohol and any other drug. Other than that, have a great day.

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