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Bloom Legal guide to New Orleans misdemeanor arrests and summons

Posted on Apr 22, 2015 in Courts, Criminal Defense, Local Issues

Paying your municipal “ticket” or summons online is NOT possible in New Orleans. The arresting NOPD officer or New Orleans sheriff’s deputy has probably given you incorrect information that you don’t have to be present in court. At Bloom Legal, we receive calls from visitors who are issued criminal summons or even arrested and then have already left town or are unavailable to attend court. They often get frustrated when they attempt to call the court and pay the fine and find out that this is a criminal matter and phone or online payments are not feasible. Paying your bond to get out of jail does NOT constitute your fine or have anything to do with the disposition of your case; it is simply getting you out of jail. You or your attorney must be present at your arraignment or first court date. If you are have been given a criminal summons for such offenses like, disturbing the peace, battery, trespass, public drunkenness or other criminal municipal offenses, then you or your lawyer MUST appear in court. You can’t handle criminal summons through online means or by phone. If you don’t go to court, a criminal bench warrant will be placed on you until the matter is settled. If you do go to court and pay the fine, then it’s an admission of guilt and you have now have been CONVICTED of a misdemeanor crime. This situation can be avoided by hiring an experienced criminal lawyer, which is available at Bloom Legal LLC. If you or someone you know has been issued a summons to appear in Orleans Municipal Court, it is recommended they seek legal counsel. At Bloom Legal, we have been representing people in Orleans Parish Municipal Court for over 10 years and have the skill to represent an individual through trial while providing quality criminal defense representation for all arrests and summons in this court. We are equipped with a fully staffed office, modern amenities, and two experienced criminal lawyers in the firm. If you are not located in the New Orleans region or are unable to attend court, we can work to ensure your court attendance is not mandatory while also fighting to guarantee fair and just results with your case. If you have questions about a summons you have received, please call us at 504-599-9997 or email us at info@bloomlegal.com for a consultation.

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