Thibodaux Man Accused of Decapitating Disabled Child

Posted on Aug 16, 2011 in Courts, Local Issues

30-year-old Jeremiah Lee Wright of Thibodaux who is accused of decapitating his 7-year-old son Jori Lirette, has been assigned an attorney experienced in death penalty cases for his upcoming trial.

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Wright has allegedly confessed to the murder and decapitation of his wheelchair-bound son who suffered from cerebral palsy. Police say that motive is still not completely clear but that it would appear that Wright had tired of caring for the child. Jori Lirette’s head and body were found dumped outside of his home with Wright sitting nearby.

Kerry Cuccia of the Capital Defense Project of Southeast Louisiana has been appointed to defend Wright.

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  • Cathy Gontar

    Where are mental health providers, legal system
    and community, positioned in this matter? Why was
    such a vulnerable child in the custody of such troubled
    The message that should be sent out is that local
    mental health practitioners, government employees,
    and those who are paid good salaries to evaluate and
    act upon information do not do their jobs. Get the paycheck,
    but do not do what they are paid to do. This is a problem that
    is throughout systems of taxpayer paid services. Our social
    workers and taxpayer paid physicians are incompetent and lax in their practices. All of those involved in this matter on a professional basis need to be held accountable.

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