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Britney Spears — Bipolar Disorder and Forced Medications

Posted on Jan 30, 2008 in Celebrity Justice

TMZ is reporting that Britney Spears not only suffers from bipolar disorder, but she has seen numerous doctors for the condition and is being prescribed medication to treat the disease.  What is bipolar disorder?  Can the court make her take the medications?  Can she be stopped from seeing her boys if she's not current on her meds? Bipolar disorder is a disease which can be controlled but currently cannot be cured.  Sufferers of the disorder commonly complain about how the pills make them feel, and it is common for family lawyers to hear about parents (mothers and fathers) who stop taking their medication after symptoms subside because things are going smoothly and the pills are disconcerting. Lawyers also deal with bipolar individuals who self-medicate themselves with drugs and/or alcohol in lieu of taking their prescribed medications.  Usually, they are pretty out of control at this point. Bipolar disorder can cause some very serious activity on the part of its victims.  They can endanger themselves, as well as those around them, when left untreated.  This is only compounded when alcohol or other drugs are added to the mix. So, can Britney be prohibited from seeing her kids unless she is current on her meds and has a doctor's okay to be around them?  Yes.  The court is looking to the best interests of the two boys, and their safety must be the paramount concern. Can Britney be forced by court order to take the prescribed medications?  No.  She has the right to choose whether or not to accept treatment of her disease.  A judge cannot force her to swallow a pill.�

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