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What Are The Most Common Drug Offenses in New Orleans?

Well, the most common drug offenses that I see are usually marijuana which although it’s legal now in some states it’s not legal in New Orleans or the state of Louisiana and with marijuana, marijuana is an enhanceable offense where a first or a second marijuana charge are both misdemeanors, but a third is a felony charge, so that’s one of the major ones the other one is cocaine.

We’ve seen a huge surge of heroine as well as MDMA pills and other street drugs, so those are the most typical ones. And not only possession, but distribution, too, you want to make sure that you don’t come across these illegal drugs while you’re visiting New Orleans or while you live here in New Orleans.

In fact, if anyone does try to sell you drugs you should avoid that at all costs. It’s not safe to buy or use drugs in anywhere in New Orleans, the greater New Orleans area. Many times I represent people that are smoking marijuana on the streets. This is not Seattle or Amsterdam, it’s not tolerated in Louisiana and you can be arrested in Louisiana, anywhere in Louisiana.


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