BloomLegalTV: Underage Drinking Tickets Are Becoming More Common According to New Orleans DWI Lawyer

Hi, my name is Seth Bloom. I’m from the law firm of Bloom legal here in New Orleans, Louisiana at 700 Camp Street. Thanks for joining us again. Today we’re gonna talk about MIPs, minor in possession of alcohol. This has been a hot topic certainly New Orleans and the state of Louisiana has a drinking culture to it. So, certainly this isn’t a new offense. There’s both a state MIP as well as a city municipal ordinance for a minor in possession. However, recently we’ve been getting flooded with these cases. Across the country they are really cracking down on underage drinking. As we may know, the legal age for drinking is 21 everywhere in the United States. Louisiana did resist the change from 18 to 21, but that was already almost 20 years ago. Everywhere in the state of Louisiana you have to be 21 to consume alcohol. I’m sorry college kids but that’s just the way it is.

Recently there has been federal grants from the U.S. government to crack down on college kids drinking. All sorts of news reports about hazing, and people dying of alcohol poisoning and so forth have really driven this issue home. There’s specific federal funding now for MIP task force to go into various bars specifically in New Orleans so all those kids at Loyola University and Tulane university, and Dillard University, and Xavier University, University of New Orleans and all the wonderful schools across our local community right now, have made calls and calls about minor in possession. If you get a minor in possession, they’re usually not arresting people, it’s a summons.

Summons are just like an arrest, it’s a ticket but let me remind you, this ticket is actually your affidavit or bill of information for your conviction or for your arrest. So it’s not just like a traffic ticket. This is actually a misdemeanor and that’s what it is. So, you need to treat it specifically and carefully just like any other case. A lot of people are going in there and paying their MIP ticket, so they’re just paying the fine, $250, $350, $400. And that’s fine, you can leave and you won’t have a bench going after you, but you’ve just plead guilty to a misdemeanor conviction which may come back and affect you on your record later. So, my advice is you need to hire an attorney, you need to look at the facts, you need to make the state or the city prove their case. Do they have a police officers that want to attend this, that are witness to this? Were you actually seen? Is there a picture of you drinking alcohol? Is there a video camera? Do they have evidence of alcohol? Was that a red cup in front of you? Was that a Coca-Cola or was that a beer? There’s lots of variables to this. So my advice would be, get and attorney in your jurisdiction of St. Orleans Parish, obviously you can call others, call us. If it’s anywhere in the state of Louisiana you can give us a call.

Again, my name is Seth Bloom, Bloom Legal, 504-599-9997. I just want people to be real clear, if you pay the fine for an MIP, you are pleading guilty to a misdemeanor minor in possession which can get back to your record. So give us a call today.

Again, we’re just here to talk about legal situations. Each and every case is completely different and you should have a lawyer review each and every case so nothing I say today should be used as actual legal advice. If you’ve any other questions give us a call at Bloom Legal, Thank you.


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