BloomLegalTV: Seth Bloom, New Orleans Traffic Ticket Lawyers Stresses Importance of Fighting Tickets

Hi, my name is Seth Bloom and thanks for joining us again for one of my video blogs. We haven’t had one in a little while but that’s okay. Today, I wanted to talk about one of my areas of practice, and that’s traffic ticket defense. Most people don’t realize that they can hire a lawyer for a traffic ticket. Well, you can and you’ll probably get better results than trying to fight it yourself. But I want to start talking about why would you do this? Most traffic tickets are only a few hundred dollars, but what are the ramifications of a traffic ticket?

Well, first of all, you’re gonna to get points on your license. Eventually, if you accumulate too many points, they could actually suspend your driver’s license. In addition to that, not only could they suspend your driver’s license but you could also have your insurance premiums raised. A lot of people call me and they say, “Well, I can’t afford a lawyer.” I mean, they think you’re gonna need some sort of thousands of dollar retainer in order to hire you for a traffic ticket. In actuality, most of the time, my fee to go in and represent someone for a traffic ticket is less than if they just went ahead and paid it.

In many cases, in Orleans Parish and Jefferson Parish where I represent the majority of my clients in traffic ticket matters, they’re often written for multiple violations. And they have tickets from $300, $400, $500, $600, even $800 and I’ve seen even higher. We can go in for a lot less than that and make sure these violations are dropped or moved to a non-moving violation so you don’t get points on your license and the insurance company doesn’t even know you ever got the ticket.

One of the great advantages of hiring us too is you don’t have to go to court most of the time, actually almost all of the time. We go in there for you, we set your court date then we go in on the trial date and hopefully get the traffic ticket dismissed or we get it dropped to a non-moving violation. Of course, we can’t make any guarantees, but in my nine years of practicing law, I would say in the high-high 90 percentiles, this is what happens.

The other service we provide is for people that accumulate several traffic tickets. I’ve represented hundreds of clients all over the state that have gotten their licenses suspended because of either, A, too many traffic tickets on their record or they have unpaid traffic tickets. This is a serious situation. Many people don’t realize this. But if you get pulled over driving with a suspended driver’s license and/or you have warrants out of a traffic court anywhere, you could be arrested. It’s pretty embarrassing when you’re a professional and you get arrested in the middle of the day and thrown into the slammer for having traffic ticket warrants. And believe me, I get those calls. We’re used to having clients with multiple traffic tickets across different parishes across different states and getting their licenses repaired, getting them back on the road and driving legally. We’re set up for this.

If you have any more questions about traffic tickets or you have a suspended driver’s license, give us a call, 504-599-9997. We also have a 24-hour answering service or shoot us an email in order to get your license repaired and back in working order so that you can drive safely and legally on the road. Thank you so much.


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