BloomLegalTV: New Orleans Traffic Ticket Lawyer Explains Red Light Camera Tickets

Hi. Good afternoon. Thank you for joining me. My name is Seth Bloom, and this is from the Bloom Legal law firm and the Bloom legal video blog.

Today we’re gonna talk about different areas of the law. We wanted to start out with one of the most popular issues here in New Orleans is red light camera tickets. I get calls on a daily basis. Can we at Bloom Legal, can we as an attorney, help you on red light camera tickets? Let me tell you a little bit about red light camera tickets. Red light camera tickets, as well as camera speeding tickets, are put in by a private corporation that’s hired by the city of New Orleans and basically this is a huge cash cow for the city of New Orleans. It doesn’t necessarily correct behavior. It also doesn’t affect your license.

So what happens is you get these tickets at home. They have that nice pretty picture of you speeding allegedly, or running a red light allegedly. And then it has a fine on it, $75, $110. These are non-moving violations. They can’t prove who was driving the car. So what that means is they’re not gonna go on your driving record. However, if you don’t pay ’em, like any other sort of bill collector, they can come after your credit. They can file collections against you. And it ultimately could affect your credit which is basically the teeth they have in handling this whole thing. At this point, the appeals process is pretty bleak. They have one office down on Pauger Street. It’s very crowded. It’s very unpleasant. And you go in there and you watch the video and unless there’s something technically wrong with it, you’re gonna get stuck with it. So what we’re doing is, if you have red light camera tickets, there may be class action suits in the future. These may be unconstitutional. You may be able to get your money back at some point in the near future.

So I encourage you to give us a call 504-599-9997 or e-mail us at Give us your information, tell us your situation with camera tickets, and hopefully, in the future, we can help you. And if we can’t help you with the camera tickets, you may have other legal issues that we can help you with in the future. One of my greatest issues with these tickets is if these are to correct people’s behaviors, often people don’t know that the cameras are up for a number of weeks.

For instance, I’ve represented or been called by, I haven’t represented them, nurses and doctors and staffers over at Children’s Hospital. They put a camera there about six, nine months ago or so and then people were rolling through a stop sign, rolling through a stop sign, rolling through a stop sign every day for work. And then all of a sudden there was a lag between actually getting these tickets in the mail and actually knowing that you had committed an offense. And in that case, people were getting three, four, five. I’ve seen people with 22 at a time because if they don’t have your correct address, or if you lease your vehicle, it may be going to your leasing institution. That’s the biggest problem. That’s where you really need to call and you probably need to hire an attorney or go down there. If you have 22 tickets, like a client of mine all at the same intersection because you work there, it’s probably not fair. Unfortunately, you’re kinda stuck with it right now.

If you have any other questions, give us a call, 504-599-9997. Again, my name is Seth Bloom at Bloom Legal. We’re located at 700 Camp Street, New Orleans 70130. Again, we’re here to talk about the law. Nothing I say should be taken as actual legal advice. Each and every ticket, and each and every legal situation needs to be looked at by a specific lawyer in your jurisdiction. As soon as we get more information about red light camera tickets, we’ll be happy to share it with the public. Thanks a lot and have a great day.


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