BloomLegalTV: New Orleans Auto Accident Attorney Shares Advice for After a Car Accident

Good afternoon and thanks for joining us again. I’m Attorney Seth Bloom, and I work for the law firm, Bloom Legal here in New Orleans, Louisiana. I just want to start out by thanking you for visiting our site today and listening to my blog and let me tell you that today we’ll talk a little bit about personal injury and specifically auto accidents. Everything I’m about to state here is generalized advice. Obviously, each and every case is different, and each and every case should be analyzed by your own attorney. So nothing I’m going to say here today should be taken as actual legal advice. If you’d like my legal advice, you can call me at my office in New Orleans at 504-599-9997. Personal injuries are very serious especially, auto accidents. People are injured all the time, and they’re not properly compensated by their insurance company.

The first thing you need to do if you’re injured in an auto accident is you need to call the ambulance. Call 911. It’s all about your health. You need to take care of yourself, your passengers, and anyone else that was injured around you. Once that’s been taken care of, everything else can come after that. If you call the ambulance, the police will come. You want the police to come, and you want them to take a good police report. You want to make good statements. The best accurate statements you can make to the police about what happened. If there’s any other witnesses around that saw your accident, make sure to get their information. The police don’t always do a good job of getting their information or taking correct statements. We may need these people as witnesses in the future. You want to get as much information from the situation as you can. These days, everyone carries a cell phone. If there’s pictures that could help document what happened, take some pictures. Again, only do this if you’re able to do this. If you’re too injured to move, you need to stay put and wait for the ambulance to come. And hopefully, maybe a passenger or someone else that you call can come to the scene and assist you with that.

Once you’ve been treated for your accident and you’re in a stable case, give us a call at 504-599-9997, Bloom Legal, and I’m Seth Bloom. We do a good job with personal injury cases. We take each case extremely seriously. We’ll send you to doctors to have you evaluated. We’ll send you to physical therapy or chiropractic treatments, or whatever kind of therapy is necessary for your particular injury, and we will guide you through this process. The most important thing here is your health. So we will make sure that you recover from your injury. Once your injury recovery is complete, then we’ll pursue a settlement from the insurance company. If you have any other questions, feel free to give me a call at my office, 504-599-9997, and I will be glad to talk to you about personal injury cases as well as auto accidents or any other kind of tort. Thanks a lot. Bye bye.


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