BloomLegalTV: Driving While Texting Can Get You a Ticket, Says New Orleans Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Hi. Welcome back. My name is Seth Bloom. I’m with the law firm of Bloom Legal here in downtown, actually in the Warehouse District in New Orleans. Thanks for joining us again for another video blog.

Today, I’m gonna to talk about a hot topic that’s in the news, and it actually has some really serious consequences. And that is driving and operating a vehicle while on a cell phone. And although some people can perfect this, other people cannot.

There’s actually legislation that is going on all over the country right now restricting driving while texting and driving while on the phone. In fact, many jurisdictions are going with…and I’ll be a little more basic…jurisdiction just means the area of the country that you live in…are restricting this.

Most places right now have on the books that you can only drive with a hands-free device. Texting, in fact, in the city of New Orleans, the state of Louisiana, texting is not allowed while driving. And I see you out there, people. I know who you are. All the time, we see people driving while texting.

They’re actually trying to pass certain legislation and certain laws in certain places that they are gonna actually issue a DWT. No, that’s not a DWI, it’s not a DUI. That’s a driving while texting. This is the National Transportation Safety Board has come out and said, “This is one of the biggest problems today is driving while texting.”

And I can tell you, in the last two days I’ve almost been hit by drivers that were texting. If you were operating a vehicle and you were driving like this with a cell phone in front of your face, you should be pulled over because that’s incredibly dangerous and incredibly distracting.

So, this is happening all over the country. You really need to be careful out there. We care about your safety, we don’t want you to get hurt. You need to get a hands-free device. Only dial someone’s number when you’re at a stop sign or when it’s absolutely safe. You don’t want to be staring down at your cell phone the whole time.

They are actually looking at prosecuting these cases differently. So, if you run someone over or you get into an accident, you’re not only gonna get a ticket, but if they can show that you were on your cell phone or a witness can say that you were on your cell phone, or get records that show you were on the phone at that time or texting at that time, you may actually be subject to future prosecution in the future. So, it’s really important that you think about that and not text and drive.

We’re gonna keep you updated here at Bloom Legal on any other sort of updates. This is a really fast-moving subject, and hopefully, you’ll stay safe, especially over the holiday season, and you won’t be texting and driving.

Again, my name is Seth Bloom. Thank you so much. We’re here at Bloom Legal today. We’re located at 700 Camp Street in New Orleans in the Warehouse District.

Again, this isn’t supposed to be any sort of legal advice, but we’re just giving you a friendly legal update. So, if you have specific issue with traffic tickets or if you’ve been arrested or you’ve been cited with driving while texting, you need to seek your own attorney in the particular jurisdiction that you live in, and this shouldn’t be taken as any sort of particular legal advice.

Thanks so much, and have a good one.


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