BloomLegalTV: Bloom Legal, New Orleans Criminal Defense Law Firm, Opens New Office In Metairie

Welcome back. I’m Seth Bloom with Bloom Legal. We have a big announcement. A couple months ago, we had such a need to see our Jefferson Parish clients that we actually opened up a new office. So we’re now located at 3501 North Causeway Boulevard. It’s right there by the Lakeside Mall and so forth. So, we’re more than willing to meet our Metairie folks over there to help service the Jefferson Parish area. Of course, we’re still keeping our office in downtown New Orleans. That’s located at 700 Camp Street right here in the Warehouse District, and that’s where we are today.

But we wanted to make it a little bit easier for our clients that have Jefferson Parish issues that are way out in Metairie. Not that it’s that far, but just to go over a little bit the way the courts work over in Jefferson Parish and talk about that a little bit is over in Metairie, you have First Parish Court and we handle DWIs and traffic tickets and some misdemeanors over there, as well as, there’s a First City Court over there. In addition, there’s also Kenner Court – Kenner Mayor’s Court – excuse me, Vinny Moscati would get mad at me for mispronouncing that. But we do handle all of those cases over there. That way we can have more contact with our clients in the greater Metairie area. Also, all of the state cases in Metairie and all of the appeals cases in Metairie which draw up in Jefferson Parish, are actually heard across the river in Gretna. So this way we can meet clients over in the Metairie area and be more accessible to our clients out in Jefferson Parish.

If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call. Like I said, our phone number is still the same in both offices. It’s 504-599-9997. The new address is 3501 North Causeway Boulevard. It’s Suite 300 and we’re there, we only meet clients there by appointment, so please give us a call today and we’ll be glad to meet you at our Metairie location or, of course, you can come to our original location at 700 Camp Street right in downtown New Orleans. Thanks so much.


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