Got a Speeding Ticket? A New Orleans Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Help You Dispute It

In the city of New Orleans, you will face a minimum fine of $157 dollars if you are caught speeding between one and nine miles over the posted limit. If you are cited for speeding 20 miles or over the posted limit, you are generally required to make a court appearance.

The fine for a speeding ticket is just one of the consequences of speeding. While Louisiana does not have a driver’s license point system like some states, it does maintain a public driving record. Minor violations can remain on your record for three years, while major violations stay on your record for up to five years. Offenses related to driving while impaired remain on your record for up to 10 years.

A poor driving record can affect your license in other states, lead to a suspended or revoked license and result in increased car insurance rates. A ticket can lead to all of these undesirable outcomes if it is determined that you were guilty of speeding. Consult with an experienced attorney at Bloom Legal if you are ticketed so you can take a smart approach to resolving your citation.

How a Traffic Court Lawyer Can Help

When you are given a speeding ticket, you cannot ignore it—you are required by law to pay the fine or appear in court on your designated hearing date. If you fail to exercise one of these two options, the judge might issue a bench warrant for your arrest. If he issues a warrant, you may soon find yourself at the police station or in jail.

Paying the fine is an admission of guilt. This admission can trigger a hike in insurance rates and other penalties. Instead of paying the fine, you should explore other options with a traffic court attorney. For example, you could plead not guilty to speeding or take a driver improvement course.

What Are Your Rights?

Speeding tickets can be issued not only if you exceed the posted limit, but also if you travel too fast to maintain safety under current road conditions. It is up to the police and prosecutor to prove that you were speeding or creating an unsafe driving environment.

If you contest your speeding ticket, it is possible that the officer who ticketed you will not be present at your hearing. If the witness cannot be questioned and no evidence is presented against you, then the hearing may result in a not-guilty verdict. A not-guilty verdict would eliminate the ticket from your record and free you from paying any fines.

If the officer does appear at your hearing, you can still raise defenses such as problems with the radar detector used to measure your speed. Your attorney will review the facts that resulted in your speeding ticket and help you determine the best resolution.

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