A life-changing motorcycle accident can happen in an instant. With little or no warning, you could find yourself thrown from your bike, hitting the pavement or another vehicle while your bike lay wrecked in the road. Whether you are seriously injured or not, you’ll likely be confused and disoriented in the immediate aftermath of an accident, your heart pounding and your eyes trying to refocus on the scene at hand. Once you get your wits about you, it is important that you take immediate action to take care of yourself, tend to others, and protect your rights.

If you are wondering what to do after a motorcycle accident, you are encouraged to take these steps:

Get Yourself and Your Bike Out of the Way

Assuming you are able, try to get yourself and others off the road. If you can move your bike to the side of the road, great, but don’t put yourself in danger to do so.

Get Medical Attention

Immediately call 911 and contact the authorities to report the accident and request medical help for yourself and anyone else who may be injured. If you don’t have a phone or it is disabled, get someone else to call for help. Tell the dispatcher your location, name, and license information, and advise them of the nature and number of any injuries. Answer any questions calmly and truthfully, but do NOT admit fault and do NOT discuss the accident at the scene with anyone other than police and other first responders. Even if you don’t receive emergency medical attention at the scene, see a doctor as soon as possible after the accident for a thorough evaluation.

Gather Driver Information

It is crucial that you get the contact, license, and insurance information of any other drivers involved in your accident. Don’t let them convince you that you don’t need to get insurance companies involved or get into a discussion about whose fault the accident was. If a truck or commercial vehicle hit you, get the name and contact information for the company as well.

Take Photos

If you can, take pictures of the accident scene using your phone. Try to capture damage to your bike in particular.

Identify Witnesses

Get the names and contact information for anyone who may have witnessed your accident or anyone who stopped to assist.

Call Your Motorcycle Insurance Company

Report the accident, giving a detailed but matter-of-fact description of what occurred. But be careful; do not under any circumstances admit fault. That is because what you say to your insurer can be used against you and could hurt your efforts to hold others accountable for your injuries.

DON’T Negotiate With the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

The other driver’s car insurance company may reach out to you to get your side of the story and may even offer you money to resolve your claim. Do NOT ever negotiate with the insurance company without an attorney. The insurer is looking to resolve your claim quickly and on the cheap. They know you need money for lost wages or medical and repair bills, and they will try to take advantage of that fact. They will also try to get you to make admissions as to fault. Experienced personal injury and motorcycle accident attorneys will not be fooled or intimidated by insurance company tactics and can position you to get a substantially larger settlement than you might be able to get on your own.

Contact an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Immediately

You may not be thinking about lawyers and lawsuits right after your accident but calling a motorcycle accident lawyer is one of the most important things you can do after a motorcycle accident. Most offer free consultations, can evaluate your case, advise you of your options, and protect you from traps or mistakes that insurance companies would love for you to make.

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