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When it comes to matters of the law, rarely is anything simple. The law, by its nature, is complex, and almost every case is unique. Yet the stakes are often high, when things like money, family, and quality of life can be on the line. We get it—and we got you

We’ve been practicing law for nearly a decade and a half now, and over the years we’ve got a whole lot of questions from our clients about all kinds of topics. So, we compiled a database of those frequently asked questions, because like Schoolhouse Rock, we believe knowledge is power!

Whether you’re wondering about filing a personal claim, bailing someone out of jail, or what to tell your insurance company after a car accident—we’ve got your covered.

The questions are organized by various practice areas. You can navigate to the relevant page for your question by using the links below.

Remember, if there’s a question you can’t find an answer for online, you can always give us a call for a free phone consultation!



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