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Understanding the Jefferson Parish Court system is very important if you are charged with a crime, received a traffic ticket or plan to file a lawsuit. Each court has a specific job, so it is important to determine which court will hear your case.

Regardless of the court, it is paramount to have a top-notch legal representative advising you and looking out for your best interests. Courts have procedural rules and requirements that an experienced attorney can help you understand. A legal professional can explain how to make requests to the court and will make a compelling argument before a judge or a jury.

The New Orleans criminal defense law firm of Bloom Legal can represent you if you are faced with criminal charges in any court within the Jefferson Parish Court system. We also represent clients who have been injured and need help making a personal injury claim.

Bloom Legal can evaluate your case, provide information about your claim and answer questions about the Jefferson Parish court system including:

  • How does the Jefferson Parish court system work?
  • Will my case be heard in the Jefferson Parish?

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How Does the Jefferson Parish Court System Work?

Within Jefferson Parish, there are several types of courts:

  • District Courts: The Jefferson Parish has 16 district courts. These courts handle criminal and civil cases. The district courts preside over felony criminal cases, lawsuits and domestic matters.
  • Parish Courts: Within the Jefferson Parish, there are two parish courts that handle civil and criminal cases. The parish courts may only hear lawsuits where the damages are for $20,000 or less. These courts also handle only more minor criminal offenses, like misdemeanors and drunk driving cases. Individuals who get traffic tickets will also go to parish courts.
  • City Courts: Also called Mayor’s courts, these courts hear criminal cases involving minor offenses such as violations of local ordinances or traffic violations.
  • Juvenile Courts: Cases involving minors are handled within three juvenile courts in Jefferson parish. The juvenile court also hears child support claims, criminal neglect claims, cases involving juvenile traffic violations, adoption cases, and cases involving juvenile delinquency.
  • Justice of the Peace Courts: The eight justice of the peace courts in Jefferson Parish provide over cases where damages are equal to $5,000 or less. These courts are also called small claims courts.

Where Will My Case Be Heard?

The Jefferson Parish court where your case will be heard depends on whether the case is a civil or a criminal case. It will also depend on whether you face misdemeanor or felony charges, or whether you have been charged with a federal crime.

You do not have a say in where your case is heard. The prosecutor will file charges and you will face a trial at the appropriate court. When you file a lawsuit, you may have an option to choose from different courts depending on the value of your claim, and whether you sue where the injuring event took place or where the defendant is domiciled.

24th JDC State Court Jefferson Parish

The 24th Judicial District Court in Jefferson parish has original jurisdiction over almost all civil and criminal cases within the Jefferson Parish area. If you are filing a lawsuit, or are facing criminal charges, it is important to understand the role that the 24th Judicial District Court in Jefferson Parish will play in your case.

The New Orleans criminal defense law firm of Bloom Legal represents clients throughout Jefferson Parish. We know the court system inside and out and can provide you with information about jurisdiction, explaining how it works and why it is important to you. Our attorneys offer a evaluation of your case and will represent you throughout your dealings with the court, answering important questions including:

  • What does the 24th Judicial District Court in Jefferson Parish do?
  • Where will my case be heard?
  • How can an experienced attorney help with my case?

What Does the 24th Judicial District Court in Jefferson Parish Do?

The 24th Judicial District Court has jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases. The only cases this court does not have jurisdiction over are certain juvenile cases.

Jurisdiction means the court has the authority to preside over a case. In some cases, the court has exclusive jurisdiction, meaning that there is no other court that could potentially hear that type of claim.

The 24th Judicial District Court has exclusive jurisdiction over many types of cases, including most lawsuits that are filed as a result of injuries occurring within Jefferson County. In some situations, there are multiple courts that could have jurisdiction. For example, if a lawsuit involves plaintiffs and defendants from different states and there is a very large amount of potential damages, then the case could be heard in federal or state court.

Because the 24th Judicial District Court in Jefferson Parish has original jurisdiction, the court will preside over lawsuits that one person or company files against someone else. The court will also preside over criminal cases when charges are brought against a defendant for a crime that has been committed in Jefferson County.

Finally, the 24th Judicial District Court in Jefferson Parish also hears appeals from all city courts that are located within the Jefferson Parish area.

Jefferson Parish First Parish Court Metairie

The First Parish court is located within Metairie and is a part of the Jefferson Parish court system. The court has jurisdiction over a variety of cases including civil disputes, traffic matters, and misdemeanor criminal offenses.

The Jefferson Parish court system has different courts with jurisdiction over varying types of cases. After a criminal arrest, it is wise to reach out to a New Orleans criminal defense law firm. An experienced attorney can explain the types of courts and provide important information regarding your specific case.

Our attorneys can also answer questions including:

  • What does the First Parish Court Metairie do?
  • What should I do if I have a case pending at the First Parish Court?
  • How can an experienced attorney from Bloom Legal help with my case?

What Does the First Parish Court Metairie Do?

The First Parish Court was created in 1962 by the Louisiana legislature. Since its creation, the court has served the East Bank of Jefferson Parish. The Second Parish Court has served the West Bank of Jefferson Parish since it was created several years later in 1966.

The First and Second Parish Courts were created in order to address the needs of a growing population within Jefferson Parish. With the expanding number of people in the area came a need for courts to handle traffic offenses, misdemeanor criminal charges and lawsuits filed by one party against another for private disputes.

The First Parish Court Metairie is a court of limited jurisdiction, meaning there are specific types of cases the court has the authority to hear. These types of cases include cases where the potential damages involved total no more than $20,000.

The court can also hear cases:

  • Where a violation of a Jefferson Parish ordinance has occurred
  • Where the defendant has been accused of a misdemeanor criminal offense
  • Where there is an accusation that traffic laws have been broken

What Should I Do if I Have a Case Pending at the First Parish Court?

If you are suing someone, being sued, have been charged with a misdemeanor or violation, or have been cited for a traffic offense, you must make a court appearance.

Your appearance in court is required on the date stated by your summons or court papers. If you fail to show up in court on the designated date a default judgment could be entered against you or a bench warrant could be issued for your arrest (depending upon the circumstances). You may also need to make requests or answer paperwork you received by submitting motions or pleadings to the court, in accordance with court rules.

Understanding how to interact with the First Parish Court Metairie can be complicated and it is often best to have a legal representative advising you. That’s where Bloom Legal comes in.

How Can an Attorney Help?

The New Orleans criminal defense law firm of Bloom Legal has represented many clients who have been charged with crimes and whose cases are pending before each of the courts. We can help you enter a plea, raise defenses and negotiate a plea bargain. We represent clients who have been charged with misdemeanors, party crimes, felonies, and traffic violations. We also represent injured clients who wish to file a personal injury lawsuit in First Parish Court.

To learn more or to schedule your consultation, call the criminal lawyers at Bloom Legal today, (504) 599-9997.

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