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New Orleans Attorneys for Personal Injury Claim and Criminal Defense Representation

Bloom Legal is a full-service New Orleans criminal defense and personal injury law firm representing clients throughout Southeast Louisiana including St. Bernard Parish.

If you need a lawyer who can represent you, look out for your interests and advocate for your rights, contact Bloom Legal today to schedule your consultation: (504) 599-9997. We offer a case evaluation. During our first meeting we will address questions like:

  • What is the St. Bernard Parish court system like?
  • How will your case be resolved in St. Bernard Parish?
  • How can an experienced St. Bernard Parish attorney help?

What is the St. Bernard Parish Court System Like?

The 34th Judicial District serves St. Bernard Parish. The 34th Judicial District is a court of general jurisdiction, which means it has civil and criminal jurisdiction. Cases that the District Court presides over include:

  • Civil lawsuits, including personal injury cases for injuries occurring within St. Bernard Parish
  • Misdemeanor criminal cases for crimes within St. Bernard Parish
  • Felony criminal cases for crimes within St. Bernard Parish
  • Probate cases
  • Contract disputes
  • Property rights disputes

St. Bernard Parish is located southeast of the New Orleans area and has a population of more than 35,000 people. The 34th Judicial District is the court presiding over cases involving locals to the area as well as visitors who are accused of a crime or suffer an injury within the St. Bernard Parish area.

How Will My Case Be Resolved in St. Bernard Parish?

If you face criminal charges the prosecutor will take action against you. First you will be arraigned and then face trial in the court in the jurisdiction where the alleged offense took place. If you do not want your case to go to trial you can enter a plea bargain. A New Orleans criminal defense attorney at Bloom Legal can help you negotiate a plea or defend yourself against allegations of criminal wrongdoing.

If you have been injured, you must file a personal injury or wrongful death claim in the court where the incident that caused the injury occurred, or in the court of the jurisdiction where the defendant lives.

You can settle your case outside of court or a jury in the St. Bernard Parish area will decide the outcome of your claim. To prevail in a court trial you must prove the defendant breached a legal duty and caused you harm. An experienced attorney can represent you during settlement negotiations with an insurer or in a civil court trial in St. Bernard Parish.

How Can a St. Bernard Parish Attorney Help?

At Bloom Legal, our New Orleans criminal defense law firm has helped many clients in civil and criminal cases within the St. Bernard Parish and surrounding locations. We have been recognized as a top criminal defense firm on Avvo and honored as SuperLawyers. Call today to learn more about the legal services that Bloom Legal can provide and about how we can help with your case. We can be reached at (504) 599-9997.


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