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Student Sentenced to Ten Years for Friend’s Overdose

Posted on Jan 10, 2011 in Drugs

Two years ago Pierce Sharai, Gary Toca, and a third friend rented a hotel room in the French Quarter to celebrate Mardi Gras. The three young men pooled their money to buy heroin, and Toca went into the lobby of the hotel to pick up the drugs. Later that night he would call for help because Sharai was passed out on the bed and his lips were turning purple.[caption id="attachment_1546" align="alignright" width="259" caption="Photo Courtesy of pages.cthome.net"][/caption] Pierce Sharai, a Ben Franklin High School graduate and LSU Biochemistry major, had died from an overdose of Heroin, one in a rash of overdoses at that time. Gary Toca, who was a student at LSU, cooperated with agents in attempts to take down a ring of heroin dealers until concerns for his own safety forced him to stop. Recently U.S. District Judge Ivan Lemelle sentenced the young man to ten years in prison. The fact that two more lives have been added to the countless ruined by drugs is undeniable, but whether justice has been served is still unclear. It is true that Toca gave the drugs to Sharai, but that was only after the two pooled their money together to make the purchase. Both men made a terrible choice that night. One lost his life, and now the other has lost ten years. It is the legal system’s purpose to deliver a just verdict, and a legal defense is a key part in the process. If you or anyone you know has been arrested under drug related charges, call Bloom Legal at 599-9997, so that we can fight for you.

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