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Juggling: One Man’s Way Through a Sobriety Checkpoint

Posted on Jun 29, 2017 in DUI/DWI

For most people, a sobriety checkpoint is something they would prefer to get through as quickly as possible. After all, these tend to be a hindrance to your travels and could even wind up with some unexpected consequences, if you’ve had a little too much to drink, before getting behind the wheel. As a result, communication at these checkpoints, let alone sustained interaction, is slim. However, that was not the case for juggler Blayk Puckett this spring. According to reports, Puckett’s tail light was out as he drove through a sobriety checkpoint. As is customary, the police pulled him over to ask questions and check for his sobriety. When the officers asked Puckett what was in his pocket, he explained that he was a magician and that he could also juggle. Interested in seeing his skills at work, the officers asked to see Puckett juggle. Puckett asked the officers to film the incident so he could show his friends, but the juggling act was also caught on the dash cam of the police car. Needless to say, the officers were entertained and fully convinced of Puckett’s sobriety, so he continued on his way. This is no doubt an unusual interaction to have at a sobriety checkpoint, and not one that anyone involved will forget any time soon. However, for most people, navigating a sobriety checkpoint is not as fun as pulling out a bag of juggling pins and demonstrating some unusual skills. So, if you find yourself in a checkpoint, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

Cooperation is Key

First, you must remember that cooperation will always be the best bet. Especially if you have done nothing wrong, it only makes sense to cooperate with the officers at the roadblock, so that you can continue on your way. That said, it is also important to know your rights. You are by no means required to answer the questions that are posed to you by the authorities. Ordinarily, the police are also not allowed to conduct a search of your car without your consent. However, they are allowed to conduct a search without consent if any of the following situations are met: the officers believe that the car contains contraband or instruments related to a crime, the driver has been placed under arrest, or, the officers are able to see illegal articles in plain view by looking into the windows of the car. Should you want to avoid the checkpoint entirely, you are welcome to turn your car around and take another route. However, it is important to note whether turning around would constitute a traffic violation, or not. If so, you may want to think twice. In any case, moving through a sobriety checkpoint can be easy and stress-free when you keep these tips in mind. So you won’t even need to juggle--unless of course, you want to. At Bloom Legal, we pride ourselves on being New Orleans DUI attorneys who have what it takes to represent you, from the beginning of your case, to the end. As a result, if you have received DUI charges after going through a sobriety checkpoint, we are here to help. There is no reason for you to handle your situation on your own. So not hesitate to reach out and contact us.

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