New Orleans father arrested after infant daughter’s death

Posted on Jul 27, 2012 in NOPD

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Tommy White was arrested and held on the charge of negligent homicide after finding his 3-month old daughter face down in a pan with melted ice water.

Records indicate White placed a bag of ice in a pan next to his bed prior to going to sleep so he could have something cold to drink when necessary. When he awoke the following morning, he found his daughter face down in the pan filled with the melted ice water.

Autopsy results are pending to discover whether her death came as a result of drowning or hypothermia but the NOPD concluded that White was negligent in his care for his daughter so he was arrested and charged.

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  • Jane Wolfe

    Seth – i know, you know exactly what you are doing. I have a little suggestion with social media. I want/ need to see “good news” updates. Let me know about the people you are helping – get out of jail.  Seth Bloom the legal problem solver.  Just a thought …from a thinking thing.  Keep up the good work!

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