The members of Bloom Legal are part of a community with each and every citizen of Louisiana. We believe that competent legal service should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, our New Orleans tenant attorneys have partnered with the New Orleans Pro Bono Project to help citizens who cannot afford legal representation.

Bringing Affordable Legal Representation to Underserved Members of the Community

The goal of the New Orleans Pro Bono Project is to bring together volunteer attorneys, paralegals, law students and private citizens to render legal services to underserved populations in the New Orleans area. The Pro Bono Project works in collaboration with other legal and social service providers to provide access to the legal system and provide legal assistance to those who need it most.

The New Orleans Pro Bono Project understands that people face many challenges that have a serious impact on their lives and happiness. These challenges range from credit card debt to an unhappy marriage. The legal process is needed to resolve many of these problems. Unfortunately, many people are unable to pay for a lawyer to help with a divorce, wage dispute, real estate matter, bankruptcy, or landlord/tenant dispute. A New Orleans tenant attorney at Bloom Legal can help resolve these legal issues.

Not being able to afford a lawyer does not change the fact that you need one. Pro bono work makes it possible for those who need assistance navigating the legal system to receive affordable representation. Bloom Legal is committed to working with the New Orleans Pro Bono project to provide representation to those who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer.

Pro Bono Services

Pro bono services are available through the New Orleans Pro Bono Project to anyone who meets federal income and asset eligibility requirements. The New Orleans Pro Bono Project works with clients who are experiencing the following legal issues:

  • Debt
  • Recovering unpaid wages
  • Landlord/tenant disputes, including unpaid security deposits
  • Real estate transactions, including registering a clear title
  • Oil spill claims, including economic loss and medical

At Bloom Legal, a New Orleans tenant attorney puts his or her legal experience to work with clients who need legal help, but cannot afford traditional fees. Our firm is committed to ensuring that no one is deprived of justice or unable to access the court system because of money concerns.

Our pro bono experience has given us the opportunity to handle many complex legal cases. We leverage our legal experience to benefit the clients we help through the New Orleans Pro Bono Project as well as every client that we represent who is facing a legal matter in the New Orleans area.

Visit the New Orleans Pro Bono Project website at for more information.

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