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A criminal record in the state of Louisiana, or anywhere else in the United States, can be a serious impediment to quality of life and can cause a myriad of problems.  Difficulty securing employment and enrolling in school can result from a criminal record that is not addressed.

Fortunately, in Louisiana an individual’s criminal record can be sealed and/or destroyed in a number of situations to help rightfully restore his or her good name and keep past arrests and convictions from affecting his/her life any further.

A New Orleans criminal defense attorney at Bloom Legal can help both local residents and individuals from out-of-state who have a criminal record in Louisiana get their record cleared.  Expungement is the legal process of “clearing” a record of a particular crime.  In a successful expungement case, law enforcement, witnesses and all involved parties are ordered to destroy any record (digital, paper or tangible records) of the case.

Expungement in Louisiana

When the court orders your record to be expunged, agencies and law enforcement offices with information on your arrest and/or conviction must destroy all records.  This includes all computer, paper, digital and photographic records.  The benefit of expungement is a clean record.  When employers conduct a background check your criminal history related to the expunged charges will not appear.

Expungement covers three main categories of records:

  1. Violations of parish and municipal ordinances, and other misdemeanors
  2. Felonies and violations including some misdemeanors
  3. Crimes and persons who cannot move for expunging records

Expungement is not possible in all situations and generally you can have your record cleared only by petitioning the court where the violation was prosecuted.  This means you may seek expungement from a traffic, state, municipal or district court.

During the process you will have to demonstrate that you are eligible for expungement, which may mean showing that your conviction was set aside or dismissed, the prosecutor did not press charges, or you were found not guilty.

In expungement cases, you need to only petition the proper court and take all required steps, but you also have the burden of demonstrating that you are actually eligible for expungement.  An experienced New Orleans criminal defense attorney can help to guide you through the process and ensure you meet the strict legal requirements.

Getting Help from a New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney

At Bloom Legal, our New Orleans criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience assisting clients with the expungement process and are well-equipped to handle a wide range of expungement cases.

For more information on the expungement process, please visit the links provided below.

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