St. Bernard Parish Claims BP Slow to Pay Companies Involved in Oil Spill Cleanup

Posted on Sep 1, 2010 in BP Oil Spill, Local Issues

According to recent reports, owners of land upon which crews involved in the oil spill cleanup effort in St. Bernard Parish are working have issued notices to vacate the premises due to non-payment. Photo Courtesy of

St. Bernard Parish president Craig Taffaro, has issued statements indicating that Amigo Enterprises, one of the landholders that has issued a notice to vacate is owed more than $3 million by the contractors staging out of its property. The contracting firms claim that slow response on the part of BP have made it impossible for them to pay the amount owed.

Additionally, St. Bernard Parish owes more than $34 million to Loupe Construction, a firm that has contracted to provide an array of equipment used in the cleanup effort, and is also claiming delays from BP as the reason for non-payment.

BP has issued statements in its defense that claim that St. Bernard Parish officials and contracting agencies have failed on a number of occasions to provide the proper documentation in order to justify reimbursement.

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