New Orleans Ranks #1 in Murder Rate Per Capita

Posted on Jun 4, 2010 in Local Issues, National Issues, NOPD

Following the FBI’s uniform crime report, which was released in the latter days of May, New Orleans ranked at the top for the highest murder rate per capita in the country. With the use of the most recent data from the census, the estimated population of New Orleans is at 336,425. In 2009, there were 174 murders in the city, which was a 9% drop from the previous year, but nevertheless still left New Orleans at the top of the list. With the murder rate per capita at 52 to every 100,000 people, the city ranked higher than Baltimore, St. Louis and Detroit. Coming in at #6 was the big city to the north, Baton Rouge, with a 34 to every 100,000 rating.

Although the numbers of murders within the city have declined over the past few years, New Orleans is still finding itself at the top when it comes to murder per capita. A continuation of improvement from year to year would be ideal, but to drop in rank from #1 per capita murder rate would be an even greater step. Superintendent Ronal Serpas plans on facing this problem head on, and allow for the public to view the criminal incidents in the city.

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