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Katrina & Insurance Claims

As a result of Hurricane Katrina and Rita, thousands of people have lost their homes and possessions. Unfortunately, some insurance companies are taking advantage of their policy holders and significantly devaluing claims made by homeowners. The issues are very complicated, and the difference between homeowners insurance and flood insurance policies has caused many people to get much less than they deserve for their claim. Adjusters have been denying claims, delaying claims, and underpaying policy holders for their losses. This is unfair! Don’t let it happen to you! Bloom Legal has been fighting for Louisiana residents since these storms and continues to do so. We have been very successful in recovering damages over what was initially quoted by the insurance companies. You may be entitled to much more that what you have been initially quoted. We have experts to help investigate your unique situation and come up with a plan to help you maximize your claim. Bloom Legal is fighting for many New Orleans residents, let us fight for you. Contact us today if you had any damage from Hurricane Katrina or Rita. The consultation is always free. Give us a call today or fill out the information form above.

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However, we do accept cases in other practices areas, including: Criminal Law, DWI, Personal Injury, and traffic ticket defense. If you need to find an attorney for Katrina Insurance Claims, please contact the Louisiana State Bar at

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